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What is a Learnership?

A learnership is a structured learning process for gaining theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the workplace leading to a qualification registered on the NQF. Learners participating in a learnership have to attend classes at a college or training centre to complete classroom-based learning, and they also have to complete on-the-job training in a workplace. The workplace experience must be relevant to the qualification.

Who can participate?

New entrants (unemployed people) as well as employed staff of an employee can participate.

How long does it take to complete a Learnership?

12 months to complete the learnership and there is a further process at the SETA’s to certificate the learners. Recognition of Prior Learning could be completed before 12 months.

What are the benefits of a Learnership?

  • You will receive a nationally recognised qualification upon successful completion of the learnership proramme.
  • You will gain work experience that will improve your chances of getting work.
  • The work experience gained during the learnership can assist you to set up your own small business.
  • You gain links with the employment network, increasing your chances to find work.
  • You can earn a promotion or be redeployed into a more satisfying job.
  • You can progress onto a higher level learnerhship for personal growth and development.

What are the entry requirements?

Some learnership programmes do not require any entry requirements while others require a Grade 12 certificate.

What will the training cost?

You do not have to pay anything to do a learnership. For the unemployed people, Services SETA will subsidise the stipends and training provision. For employed candidates Services SETA will subsidise the training provision.

How much will a learner earn?

Unemployed learners must be paid a learner allowance by the employer. The learner allowance is subsidised by the Services SETA. An employer cannot deduct monies from the learner allowance unless agreed upon in writing with the learner.

What is required from learners in a Learnership?

You need to sign both a Learnership Agreement and employment contract, thus two legal documents. The Learnership Agreement is signed by you the learner, the employer, training provider and the Services SETA. The employment contract is signed between yourself and the employer and is only valid during the time of the learnership.

Responsibility of Learners

  • Work for the employer in order to gain workplace experience, but the work must be relevant to the specific qualification
  • Be available for and participate in all learning and work experience required by the learnership.
  • Comply with workplace policies and procedures.
  • Complete any timesheets or any written assessment tools supplied by the employer to record relevant workplace experience and
  • Attend all study periods and theoretical learning sessions with the training provider and undertake all learning conscientiously

Rights of Learners

  • To be educated and trained
  • To receive training in a suitable and accessible environment
  • Not to be discriminated against
  • To be treated in a dignified manner
  • To have access to the required resources
  • To receive training in terms of the learnership
  • To have his/her performance in training assessed and have access to the assessment results
  • To receive a certificate upon successful completion of the learnership
  • To raise grievances in writing with the SETA concerning any shortcomings in the training
  • To receive the full stipend without any deductions there from by the lead / host employer
  • To Full an accurate information on learning provision
  • to be represented if subjected to a disciplinary action
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