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For your information, that construction employment has increased year by year. And if you are looking for the construction jobs vacancy, WBHO can be your new place to gain more experience, improve networking, as well as have great career development. In fact, the Wilson Bayly Holmes is one of the widest and most reputable construction companies in Southern Africa and it is recorded on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange. Back years ago, the history of this construction company was established in 1970 with the company name of Wilson-Holmes (Pty) which was formed by John Wilson and Brian Holmes. and finally, in 1994, the name is being changed to Wilson Bayly Holmes Construction until now (2018). This construction company’s driving force is a core of active management professionals whose has experienced in major construction projects in southern Africa, various Ocean islands as well as the Middle East and, dedicated. The WBHO’s office location is located strategically in various locations including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, and Durban. There is also Australian subsidiary (Probuild Construction) is in Melbourne as its headquarters. In addition, the WBHO has three main construction operating services which include Civil Engineering and Road, Earthwork, and Building Construction.

The Wilson Bayly Holmes Construction can be your right place to pursue your careers. Unless you should know the visions of this structure before starting to apply to WBHO learnership career. As the leading construction company, the WBHO will operate civil or build engineering. As you know that our company is the leading construction company in the south of Africa. The building division will try to deliver a great quality, give an unexpected client expectation against the budget. And, the Civil engineering will take diversity in the margin streams and fortify the overall income. For the roads and earthworks, divisions have a strategic acquisition in order to gain exposure to a number of additional specialist disciplines. This division is a team which helps to work together with the clients and consultants in order to get the effective benefits for all parties. WBHO interested in Australian Probuild Construction. With the support of the WBHO, the Probuild has bee established into a top-tier contractor which can control the growth as the success key to this relationship.

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In fact, there are a lot of benefits you will get when you work with the WHBO construction company. Besides, you will get high wealth opportunities, you will get some good points in order to improve your careers skills or experiences. As one of the largest and reputable construction company, the WBHO provides a working place which let you gain more knowledge in the construction industry. Working with our company also means that you will also get a cross-border opportunity. Furthermore, the working environment is fun and friendly. One more important thing that the company management is very professional, so you as the employee will be treated properly.

Fortunately, the company is opening some construction jobs vacancy. And, if you are interested in WBHO careers, this reputable construction company offers you the chances of in-service training, bursaries, as well as vacation work process and the closing date is on 30 June. For those who want to apply one of the career programmes which are offered by the WBHO, the relevant application and documentation should be emailed. And you should notice that incomplete documentation or application will not be considered. And, if you are interested to apply for the position and need more information, please kindly contact. So, let’s start your career with the Wilson Bayly Holmes construction company!

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